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Applied Research International (ARI)
Courses Institute Profile and Facilities
List of Courses offered at Applied Research International (ARI)
1.Pre Sea Training For Deck Cadet (B.S.C Nautical Science) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
2.Graduate Mechanical Engineer (G.M.E) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
3.Graduate Mechanical Engineer (G.M.E) - MCA Approved - UK Book Now
4.Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (PSSR) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
5.Personal Survival Techniques (PST) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
6.Elementary First Aid (EFA) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
7.Oil Tanker Familiarization (OTF) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
8.Chemical Tanker Familiarization (CTF) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
9.Master’s Medical Care Course (MC) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
10.Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Course - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
11.Specialized Training on Oil tankers (STPOTO / TASCO) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
12.Specialized Training on Chemical Tankers (CHEMCO) - MCA Approved - UK Book Now
13.Ship Security Officers (SSO) Course - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
14.Training for Instructors / Workshop Instructors - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
15.Training for Trainers & Assessors (TOTA) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
16.Ship Maneuvering Simulator & Bridge Team Work (SMS) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
17.Liquid Cargo Handling Oil Simulator (LCHS-OIL-OPS) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
18.Liquid Cargo Handling Oil Simulator (LCHS-OIL-MMG) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
19.Liquid Cargo Handling Chemical Simulator (LCHS-CHEM-OPS) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
20.Liquid Cargo Handling Chemical Simulator (LCHS-CHEM-MMG) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
21.Liquid Cargo Handling Gas Simulator (LCHS-GAS-OPS) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
22.Liquid Cargo Handling Gas Simulator (LCHS-GAS-MMG) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
23.Radar Observer Simulator Course (ROSC) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
24.Automatic Radar Platting Aids (ARPA) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
25.RANSCO Course - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
26.Engine Room Simulators – Operational Level (ERS) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
27.Engine Room Simulators – Management Level (ERSM) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
28.Second Mate Foundation - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
29.Second Mate Function - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
30.NWKO (NCV) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
31.Masters Advanced Shipboard Management - NCV (ASM-NCV) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
32.MEO Class IV - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
33.MEO Class II - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
34.Medical First Aid (MFA-RF) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
35.Chief Engineers & Engineering Officers Revalidation (11 Days)- D.G.Approved - India Book Now
36.Bridge Team Management (BTM) Book Now
37.Bridge Resource Management (BRM) Book Now
38.Bridge and Engine Room Resource Management (BERM) Book Now
39.HAZMAT (IMDG Code Course) Book Now

Profile Of Applied Research International (ARI):

ARI offers a range of advanced SIMULATORS for Navigation, Engine, Propulsion, Gantry Cranes, Cargo Handling, Equipment, Driving, Communication, and Industrial Processes. ARI simulators are characterized by high behavioral accuracy, advanced visualizations, integrated hardware, and realistic physical environments. Built on advanced technology platforms these innovative solutions are used for research & training, equipment & process re-engineering, validation & assessment and several other applications. ARI simulators are widely recognized as “best of breed” for their accurate and immersive simulated environments. ARI simulators enable safe, meaningful and cost-effective applications in training, testing and process enhancement. ARI simulators are IMO compliant, and specific configurations are type approved by the Govt. of India. ARI has rich experience of around 70 simulator installations around the world and our customers includes some of the premier enterprises across the globe comprising of Training Institutes, Defence Establishments, Government Bodies, Ship Management and Ship Owning Companies, Ports & Terminals, Naval Establishments and Automobile Companies..

Facility at Applied Research International (ARI):

Education & Learning Applied Research International is one of the Asia’s leading maritime training institutions offering a wide range of training solutions to the maritime industry. ARI has trained approximately 25,000 mariners of various nationalities. ARI is one of the few marine Institutes which offer programs designed for every stage of career in merchant navy from Pre-Sea training and distance learning programs for cadets, to highest competency & professional training for senior officers. ARI vision of quality Maritime Education addresses international competency norms and also factors in the needs of Marine Industry and Individuals alike. ARI not only offers the widest range of courses in India, it also has a unique focus on Human Resource development as an essential component of education. Leveraging on our rich domain expertise of behavioral sciences and productive interaction with maritime industry, we offer complete end to end consultancy and solutions for Manpower Selection,Talent Management, Performance Appraisals, Behavioral, Aptitude & Psychometric Testing, Counseling & Professional development, Workshops and Seminars. In the Maritime Industry, ARI is uniquely positioned to offer a complete spectrum of training assessment and solutions, allowing our customers with the flexibility to choose the training medium and the curriculum that gives a “best fit” to meet their training requirements. We design company specific value addition courses tailor cut to the requirements of the organization..


B-1, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110016 Tel : +91-11- 41655123-28

Courses Institute Profile and Facilities

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