Commander Alis Academy of Merchant Navy-(KOMPALLY-Andhra Pradesh-KOMPALLY)

Commander Alis Academy of Merchant Navy
Courses Institute Profile and Facilities
List of Courses offered at Commander Alis Academy of Merchant Navy
1.Pre Sea Training For G.P. Ratings (Deck/Engine) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
2.Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (PSSR) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
3.Personal Survival Techniques (PST) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
4.Elementary First Aid (EFA) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
5.Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FPFF) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
6.Oil Tanker Familiarization (OTF) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
7.Chemical Tanker Familiarization (CTF) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
8.Liquefied Gas Tanker Familiarization (LGTF) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
9.Passenger Ship Familiarization (PSF) – Crowd Management - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
10.Medical First Aid (MFA) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
11.HUET Book Now
12.Maritime English (ME) Book Now
13.Personal Survival Techniques - Refresher (PST-RF) - D.G. Approved - India Book Now
14.Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting - Refresher (FPFF-RF) - D.G. Approved - India Book Now
15.Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (PSCRB) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
16.Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
17.Second Mate Function - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
18.Radar Observer Simulator Course (ROSC) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now

Profile Of Commander Alis Academy of Merchant Navy:

We at Commander Ali’s Academy strive hard to provide a wholesome education to our trainees. We strongly believe that our trainees should pass out from our institution not only as good seafarers but also as complete individuals who would excel in every field of life. With this aim in mind we have divided our training programme in such a manner that apart from classroom teaching the trainees also have ample time for leisure and amusement. In this manner we ensure that the trainees who graduate from Commander Ali’s Academy are of the highest quality and competent to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the profession across the world..

Facility at Commander Alis Academy of Merchant Navy:

Class Room Facility: The Academies class rooms can accommodate 40 students in each classroom comfortably. The Classrooms are well equipped with White writing-boards, Wall-mounted Screens for viewing Multimedia Presentations, Over Head Projectors & Slide Projectors, modern bench and desks with storage, table, chair and rostrum for the Instructor. The classrooms are also equipped with Multimedia Projector, LCD Television and VCR / DVD Players to view Maritime & Onboard Safety video-cassettes and software, and wall mounted posters. Residential facilities for trainees: The Academy has a well-maintained accommodation for the trainees. The academy maintains two types of accommodation namely, dormitory type and twin sharing rooms. The Academy can presently accommodate 160 trainees. The trainees are provided with Furniture, Lockers, mattress, pillows with case, linen, blankets etc. Toilets/Wash Rooms Facilities: The Dormitory type accommodation has attached Washbasins, Urinals, Toilets and Bathrooms, which at a given time can cater to the needs of all the students. Canteen/ Catering Facilities: The Academy has a full-fledged Mess to cater to the Meals and Snacks for trainees. The Academy has a canteen (Seafarers Needs) within the premises to enable students to purchase their stationery, toiletries, snacks etc. at concessional rates. The Academy canteen is equipped with Cola and Coffee vending machines. Teaching Aids: (Multimedia Projector, OHP, Video Films, Wall Charts, Books etc.) The Academy has a video library to support its education programme and also the classes are conducted with the help of Multimedia Presentations, overhead projectors and slide projectors. The video library consists of a wide variety of video films and training software on various topics. Library Facilities: The Academy maintains a reading room with a wide variety of books and publications of Marine and general interest. These include IMO, HMSO, Whetherby and Nautical Institute publications in addition to numerous Indian publications. Recreational Facilities: Time is allowed for recreation, which is equally important for overall growth of a trainee and a necessary part of the training. TV with cable network is provided. Video films are shown regularly. The Academy maintains a Foot Ball ground, Volleyball Court, Carrom Boards, and Table Tennis Table. The trainees can also avail the Swimming pool facilities. Medical Facilities: The Academy has a dispensary on campus and a panel of doctors to look after the medical requirements of the trainees. The Academy also conducts medical check-ups for its trainees while the training is in progress. The Academy also maintains a well-stocked First-Aid box and Medical chest. A hospital is situated very close to the Academy premises. A doctor is always available close by to attend to any emergency. Transport Facilities: The Academy has its own bus and omni van for the conveyance of its trainees. Swimming Pool: The Academy has a tie-up with Emrald Scape Swimming pool which is situated 500 meters from the academy premises for conducting swimming classes and drills for its trainees. Text Books: The Academy provides each trainee with a set of textbooks and training material at the time of admission, which becomes the property of the trainee after completion of training. Uniform: The Academy provides uniforms to each trainee, which is to be worn at all times during the training period. Uniform will be supplied to the trainee within two weeks of joining the Academy..


Plot No.225/226, NCL North Avenue, Behind Siva Reddy Godowns, KOMPALLY, SECUNDERABAD – 500 014, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Courses Institute Profile and Facilities

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