Pondicherry Maritime Academy-(Puducherry-VANUR-Tamil Nadu)

Pondicherry Maritime Academy
Courses Institute Profile and Facilities
List of Courses offered at Pondicherry Maritime Academy
1.PSSR+PST+EFA+FPFF (STCW Basic) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
2.Chemical Tanker Familiarization (CTF) - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
3.Liquefied Gas Tanker Familiarization (LGTF) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
4.Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (PSCRB) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
5.Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
6.Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Course - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
7.Specialized Training on Chemical Tankers (CHEMCO) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
8.Specialized Training on Liquefied Gas Tankers (GASCO) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
9.Second Mate Function - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
10.HUET Book Now
11.Fast Rescue Craft Course (FRC) Book Now
12.Fast Rescue Boat Course (FRB) Book Now
13.Augmentation of Fire prevention and fire-fighting course - D.G. Approved -India Book Now
14.Basic Oil and Chemical Tanker Familiarisation (TFC) Book Now
15.Medical First Aid (MFA) - D.G.Approved - India Book Now
16.MEO Class II - D.G.Approved - India Book Now

Profile Of Pondicherry Maritime Academy:

Why us? Highly qualified Instructors Each and every one of our trainers has invaluable practical and theoretical industry experience under his sailing belt. Individual attention We deliberately keep our classes small so that you get hands on, personalized training and maximum time at the helm. Purpose-built Practical/Demonstration labs Lab is well stocked up and we are proud to have the newest and latest of the tanker related equipments in the country. Sailors-in-the-making will get to use and train about all the latest equipments used onboard tankers. World class Accreditation Pondicherry Maritime Academy is an UDEM German accredited training centre. This means that the training you receive from us follows an international programme that sets the benchmark for worldwide maritime training standards. Students choose us for many reasons But especially for the friendly, welcoming atmosphere, high quality of service we offer and for the many opportunities. Learning is critical to everyone; therefore it makes choosing the right place and programme of study an important one. Our huge range of courses, excellent facilities and team of highly dedicated and experienced staff are there to help you do that. We are totally committed to helping you realize your hopes for the future, whether that means employment or further study. We want you to enjoy studying here and we’ll work closely with you to make sure you meet your goals. Its a great way of life… Whether you are visiting as a potential student, current student, parent or member of staff, or are simply interested in finding out more about us, we hope you will find the site interesting and informative. Based in the beautiful union territory of Puducherry (Formerly known as Pondicherry), in the heart of the town and established in 2010, the Pondicherry Maritime Academy offers a series of Tanker related training courses that cater for different levels of experience: from the first time leisure sailor to the highly experienced seafarer looking to get into the ever demanding Tanker field. We understand that, learning and adapting the Tanker culture / tricks of trade is not easy; as no books or publications teaches you this, basically you need to experience it to understand it..

Facility at Pondicherry Maritime Academy:




Courses Institute Profile and Facilities

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